Program: Research, Development, Innovation National Program,   Excelence research, Module: 1

Competition: January 2006

Project category: Complex Research & Development Project

Project no.: 169

Duration: July 2006 – September 2008

Title:Historical, old salt mines conversion into eco-touring and recreation sites in order to sustainable recovery of the natural salt rock resourcesRESTSALDUR 

Contracting Authority: Agenţia Managerială de Cercetare Ştiinţifică, Inovare şi Transfer Tehnologic – AMCSIT Politehnica Bucureşti, Romania

Project Coordinator: Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Metale şi Resurse Radioactive – ICPMRR Bucureşti, Romania

Partner 1: Institutul de Geografie al Academiei Române

Partner 2: Universitatea Politehnica Bucureşti – Centru de Cercetări şi Expertizări Eco-Metalurgice, Romania

Partner 3: Universitatea din Petroşani, Romania

Project Manager: Dr. ing. György DEÁK

Main objective: Old salt mines remediation / recovery in order to make possible the eco-touristic, recreation and therapeutic exploitation of them at the national and international level

 Specific objectives:

STAGE 1  Informational volume evaluation of thE old / historical romanian salt mines

1.1 Romanian old salt mines data base – Evaluation of the Romanian old salt mine real situation

1.2 Phenomena identification causal of the Romanian historical old salt mines abandonment

1.3 Sampling, monitoring stations construction for pillar geomining behaviour

1.4 Efficiently recover strategies of the resource: salt rock – old salt mines. Analysis, preliminary investigations

1.5 National and international dissemination of the project results

STAGE 2 Old /  historical salt mines retrieval/recovery/transformation in the eco-touring centres solution

STAGE 3  Old /  historical salt mines recovery technological solutions

STAGE   SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF THE salt rock resources – historical salt mines system

Project supported by:

  1. Ministry of Economy and Commerce-General Directorate of Mineral Resources: Note 175263/23.01.2006
  2. National Agency of Mineral Resources: Note 407562/20.01.2006
  3. National Society of Salt S.A. Bucharest: Support Agreement Letter 549/26.01.2006
  4. Institut für Geotechnik, Berkgakademie Freiburg – Germany: Letter of intent from 19.01.2006
  5. DOLEXPERT Prague – Czech: Statement of cooperation from 22.01.2003
  6. Ecole des Mines de Nancy – France: Letter of intent from 23.01.2006
  7. Amberg Engineering Ltd. – Switzerland: Letter of intent from 30.01.2006


  1. Aplicarea metodelor numerice de calcul pentru soluţii reale în industria minieră şi protecţia mediului înconjurător / Gy. Deak, Şt.E. Deak/Revista Buletin RESURSE MINERALE, nr. 1, 2006, pag. 37-44,cod ISSN 1842-290X / Editura Universitas, Petroşani
  2. The risk zone identification by surface waters penetration using the electrical rezistivity and decisional analysis / Gy. Deak, I. Oancea, S.O.Mihai/ Revista Buletin RESURSE MINERALE, nr. 2, 2006, pag. 21-26,cod ISSN 1842-290X / Editura Universitas, Petroşani
  3. Multicentury stability computation for the pillar – ceiling structure of the old mines from Praid salt mine / Gy. Deak, S.O.Mihai, Şt.E. Deak/ Revista Buletin RESURSE MINERALE, nr. 2, 2006, pag. 57-646,cod ISSN 1842-290X / Editura Universitas, Petroşani
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  6. Investigation concerning curative quality of underground salt air / Şt.E. Deak, Gy. Deak, M. Georgescu/Advances in Mineral Resources Management and Environmental Geotechnology, Proceedings of the 2nd AMIREG International Conference, pag. 501-506, 25-27 sept. 2006, Hania, Grecia

Support actions for 7th Framework Programme: 17-22.01.2007 – Biutec, Vien, Austria: project proposal launching: Title HISTORICAL SALT MINES REHABILITATION AND CONVERSION INTO MUSEUM, RECREATION AND HEALTH SITES – EUROPEAN SAVE ACTION, Acronym HISTSALMINSAVE, Duration / month36

Abstract: Europe still has an impressive exploitation potential of the man-made resources: historical salt mines, in the world. Some are important touristic destinations, but most of them can not be accesible for tourists because of hydro-geologics and geomechanics phenomena. The main objectives of the project proposal aim the old salt mines potential assessment and historical sites classification according to valorisation categories. To recover and convert these sites into touristic destinations, reinforcement new solutions for salt walls and monitoring and control systems are necessary, in order to assure salt pillar-ceiling strength structure and curative quality of underground salt air. It is also important to define an intergration system of the old salt mines into european touristic and tresaures house circuit, according to the communitary requirements

Specific keywords: decisional analysis, remediation / rehabilitation techniques, monitoring system, control system, man-made resources, salt mine recovery