Core Program Manager “DERMIN” Dr. Gheorghe Cruţu

Objective 1: Organic technologies and technologies to highlight and capitalize on primary and secondary mineral resources
1. Project title: PN16050102 Research on the possibility of recovering gold from tailings ponds and alluvial rivers adjacent to gold mining in the area of the western mountains
Estimated Estimates of Possible Cantonal Gold Residual Resources in Sterile and Alluvial Sands in Adjacent Rivers; Developing a Gold Mining Concentration Technology.

Objective 2: Optimization of modeling and prediction methods for specific geomineral phenomena
1. Project title PN 16050201 Analysis of the risk of sliding of the deposits with uranium mining waste by direct and indirect methods in conditions of intensification of extreme natural phenomena
Estimated results Drawing up a database with GIS support; Building a GIS platform; New methodology to address slippage risk.

Objective 3: Environmental Remediation, Reducing Impact and Radiological Risk on the Environment and Population
1. Project title PN 16050301 Ways and mechanisms to reduce environmental pollution due to radionuclide migration processes resulting in the processing of energetic mineral substances
Estimated results Decisional analysis of the cause-effect relationship of bio-accumulation of metals in soil; Characterization of soil samples, equilibrium and kinetics of uranium uptake in soil; Experimental model of phytoremediation of soil contaminated with radionuclides
2. Project title PN 16 050304 Impact on the environment and assessment of radiological risk due to uranium mining perimeters affected by extreme weather phenomena
Estimated results Perimeter characterization and critical population groups, characterization of pollution sources, Radiological Risk Assessment Methodology
3. Project title PN 16 050305 Measurements of radioactive elements in the streams of Primatar and Grintieşul Mare brooks in the Bistriţa and Bistricioara rivers and in the lake of Izvorul Muntelui-Bicaz
Estimated results Characterization of the respective perimeter for substantiation of the opening decisions of the mine Primatar I-II, Neamt. Documentation to substantiate the optimal mine exploitation method of PrimatarI-II.