Technological development of the mining objectives, Closures and ecological reconstruction

Fields of activity

  • Documentation elaboration as concerns the equipments and devices sizing and technical features required by the technological transfer;

  • Documentation elaboration for accomplishment of the technological tests stands models needed by the research and development projects;

  • Studies for industrial devices and equipments and devices required by the technological research laboratories;

  • Mechanic stress tests of the equipments and devices assimilated by the production activities;

  • Specialized technical assistance

Economical substantiation, certificates and projects agreement

Fields of activity

  • Elaboration of economical – financial documents for the project proposals, prefeasibility/ feasibility studies, technical projects for new objectives and for mines ecological rehabilitation and closures;

  • Collaboration with the other departments for the elaboration of technical-economic index and general estimates for the studies and projects elaborated in the institute;

  • Drawing of documentations necessary to obtain the required certificates and agreements for the accomplishment of designed investment objectives and their defense to the competent authorities (environment, water, health, CNCAN, urbanism, local communities etc.)