Research and Development National Institute for Metals and Radioactive Resources – INCDMRR Bucharest, Romania

The main activity directions are:

  • Applicative and fundamental researches in the filed of uranium’s extraction, processing and purification, radioprotection and ecological restoration of the environment affected by the specific activities in the field.

  • Studies concerning the elaboration of diagnosis and prognosis strategies in the field.

  • Studies concerning the elaboration of diagnosis and prognosis strategies in the field.

  • Engineering and consultancy (sampling, measurements, restoration / modernizing / refurbishment, diagnosis, tests, monitoring, impact studies, environment balances, radiological risk analyses and nuclear security, commissioning, auditing, etc.).

Working in partnership with industry, other research organizations and universities, INCDMRR offers R&D expertise, in laboratory / situ / pilot tests, stability assessment of mining structures, processing technologies for radioactive, precious, non-ferrous and rare metals and other mineral resources as well.

Activity reports

The main services can be summarized as follows:

– R & D studies in the mineral resources field according to the following CAEN and UNESCO codes:

  • The CAEN codes:
    • 7219 R&D in other natural and engineering sciences – the main activity object;
    • 7112 design activities, engineering and technical counseling services;
    • 7120 Testing and technical analysis;
    • 7211 R&D in biotechnology.
  • The UNESCO codes:
    • 3318.09 uranium and radioactive ores;
    • 3308.05 radioactive residues elimination;
    • 3308.10 wastewaters technology;
    • 2506.04 environmental geology;
    • 2506.10 mineral ore bodies.
  • Analysis and decisional models for the structural, technological and managerial changes in the uranium and other mineral resources field for the sustainable social and economic development;
  • Valorization, processing and purification technologies of radioactive, rare and/or precious metals secondary and primary resources;
  • Technologies for the negative environmental impact decreasing, radioactive liquid effluents treatment and management of low radioactive wastes originated from uranium mining  and processing industry;
  • Low radioactive wastes treatment and storage structures and methods;
  • Unconventional technologies for radioactive, rare and / or precious metals resources valorization and processing; specific ecological technologies;
  • Geo-mining techniques and technologies, prognosis, simulations;
  • Studies for the diagnosis and prognosis strategies elaboration regarding the development of science and technology field focused on uranium ores and other mineral resources extraction and processing sector, radioecology and rehabilitation of the environment impacted by the specific activities.

-Engineering and consultancy services in the mineral resources field

  • Solutions for the rehabilitation / modernizing / technology upgrading of uranium and other mineral resources exploitation, processing and purification facilities;
  • Diagnosis, determinations, tests, field trials, monitoring activities;
  • Specific technologies for the radioactive raw materials processing and mining industry equipment;
  • Impact studies, environment balances;
  • Radiological risk and nuclear security analysis.

-Complementary R&D activities:

  • Physico-chemical analysis;
  • Precious metals (gold, silver) micro-production;
  • Specialty consultancy for the public institutes for the internal and external policy decision making in the field.