Program: CEEX, RELANSIN Program

Contracting Authority: Managerial Agency for Scientific Research, Innovation and TransfeTechnology, Polytechnic

Project coordinator: POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest

Project manager: Prof.Dr.Ing.Gheorghita Jinescu

Project Partner 1: Research and Development National Institute for Metals and Radioactive Resources – ICPMRR Bucharest

Scientific Director: Dr.Ing.Eugenia Panturu

Project Partner 2: POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara

Scientific Director: Prof.Dr.Ing.Delia Perju

 Purpose of the project:

Elaboration of a procedure for the rehabilitation of radioactive contaminated soils as a result of a natural catastrophe or anthropogenic accidents in the shortest possible time, at the parameters required by the norms in force, in order to avoid the contamination of the adjacent areas or the groundwater by intensifying Transfer mechanisms in solid-liquid heterogeneous systems using the ultrasonic field.


 Steps to achieve the project


  1. Elaboration of the bibliographic study on the application of chemical soil decontamination in the presence and absence of ultrasounds.

Issues addressed:

Ultrasound as a mass transfer intensifier;

Chemical decontamination of soils;

Chemical decontamination under the action of ultrasounds


  1. Transfer mechanisms in solid-liquid heterogeneous systems, by mathematical models and methods for evaluation of hydrodynamic parameters of uranium dissolution in soils in the presence and absence of ultrasounds.

Issues addressed:

Study of independent variables: temperature; granulation; Reaction time; oxide; S: L ratio; Reagent concentration; Frequency ultrasound; Transducer type; Distance and transducer position; The absorbed power of ultrasounds using statistical methods to prepare the experiment and empirical models for the process kinetics.


  1. Elaboration of the uranium soils decontamination process

Issues addressed:

Elaboration of the presentation of the procedure


  1. Valorizing the scientific and practical results obtained.

Issues addressed:

Dissemination of research through:

A patent, articles, presentation on the web page