Name of the program: PN
Duration: 2009-2012
Competition: 2009
Contacting Authority: ANCS
Project Coordinator: Viorica CIOCAN
Project Manager:
-VAREMED Code: PN 09 12
Contractor: National Institute for Research and Development for Metals and Radioactive Resources – ICPMRR Bucharest

Nr. crt. Project name Project code *

0 1 2
Objective 1: Techniques and Technologies to Enable Profitability of Primary and Secondary Resources Objective Code: 01
1. Elaboration of an accelerated static solubilization technology of pelleted gold minerals PN 09 12 01 01
2. Elaboration of an environmentally friendly processing and recycling technology of the foundry mixing mixture in order to protect the existing natural reserves PN 09 12 01 02
3. Sustainable energy ecotechnology by capitalizing the eluate from the uranium recovery facility in pond water in the technological flux to obtain UO2 of nuclear purity PN 09 12 01 05
4. Research for the elaboration of a complex technology for the capitalization of alluvial sand deposits in the Oltenia basin. PN 09 12 01 08
5. Complex techniques and technologies for the sustainable use of the magnesia deposits. PN 09 12 01 09
Goal total 1
Objective 2: Modern methods of mathematical modeling and prediction of geomorphic field phenomena objective code: 02
6. Elaboration of numerical calculation models for simulation of collapse phenomena in saline mining PN 09 12 02 01
7. Effect of anisotropy of hydrogeological parameters on radionuclide transport mechanisms in small and medium depth aquatic systems PN 09 12 02 02
8. Advanced research on the stability of tailings ponds and tailing ponds in the mining and processing industries PN 09 12 02 06
Goal 2 total
Objective 3 Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Monitoring of Environment Affected by Objective Code Processing Industries: 03
9. Contributions to the study of natural radon sources in Romania and evaluation of the radiological risk for the exposed population PN 09 12 03 02
10. Analysis of the radiological risk of the population from the critical groups in the abandoned geological prospecting / exploration perimeters PN 09 12 03 03
11. Study of the possibilities of wastewater radiological treatment using iron nanoparticles PN 09 12 03 04
12. Quantification of environmental pollution in abandoned perimeters of prospecting / geological exploration of uranium ores PN 09 12 03 05
13. Critical study on the technical procedures applied to the closure of uranium mining objectives in Romania in order to comply with CNCAN standards PN 09 12 03 06
14. Ecogeochemical assessment of urban agglomerations with pollutant industry from cross-border areas and cause-effect relationship reported to environmental legislation – case study: Turnu Magurele Municipality PN 09 12 03 07