International Programmes

  • PHARE Programme – “Detailed Engineering of Uranium Surface Liabilities near the Barzava Village, Arad County, Romania”;
  • FP5  Programme – EURATOM – TENORMHARM – “New Approach to Assessment and Reduction of Health Risk and Environmental Impact Originating from TENORM according to Requirements of EU Directive 96/26: Harmonisation of Legislation and Mitigation Methods in EU and Candidate Countries”;
  • PHARE Programme: “Assistance with Detailed Engineering of Uranium Surface Liabilities in Banat Region”;
  • Leonardo da Vinci Programme – MinBioRest – “Vocational Training in Post-Mining Restoration of Environment” (Environmental Impact of Mining and Mineral Processing; Technical, Chemical and Biological Remediation; Prevention of Acid Drainage; Utilization of Underground Mining Works);
  • TAILSAFE – “Sustainable Improvement in Safety of Tailings Facilities”;
  • INTAS Programme – “New Technologies and Products to Clean the Environment and Prevent Pollution Due to the Processing Industry of Gold Ores”;
  • FP 5 Programme – “Development of Control and Monitoring Systems for the Supervision of Pollution Levels of Water and Zones around Abandoned Uranium Ore Mining Sites” – COMOS;
  • TENORMHARM – “Risk Analysis for the Management of Natural Aquatic Ecosystems: Fighting against Acute and Chronic Event of Technological Hazards” – RAMONA;
  • FP 6 Programme – “Danube – a Clean River for a Zone Sustainable Development in a Clean Europe” – CLEANDAN;
  • “Advanced Electrochemical Technologies for Environmental Remediation and Industrial Applications” – ELTERIA
  • Some unfinished programmes with Greece, Malta, Hungary and Cyprus;


  • Contracts with AIEA: ROM 3/003:


  • “Restructuring of the Uranium Mining Industry”;
  • “Characterization and Performance Studies and Demonstration in Underground Research Laboratories of Swelling Clays as Engineered Barriers of Geological Repositories”
  • “Disposal Aspects of Low and Intermediate Decommissioning Waste”


Projects of bilateral cooperation – BRANCUSI – with France:

with ALGADE: “Alternative Processes regarding Radioprotection of some Abandoned Uranium Sites”

with CAREX: “New Methods of Rehabilitation and Ecological Integration of the Exhausted Uranium Sites”


A series of projects:


”Study Concerning the Recovery of Useful Heavy Minerals (Nb2O5, Ta2O5 and SnO2) from KIVUVU (Burundi) Deposit Owned by COMEBU Sarl Bujumbura Firm; Experiments to Assess the Flowsheet and Ore Dressing Equipment”;

“Comparative Study of Sediments Contamination with Radionuclides as a Result of Chernobyl Failure and of Radioactive Ores Processing Industry”  (Copbil Programme with the University of Urbino, Italy)”;

“Exposure at Radon and Gamma Radiation inside the Houses Built on Sites with High Level of Radium” (Copbil Programme with the University from Ioanina, Greece);

“Traitement des Matières Minérales – Application à la Valorisation des Resources Naturelles et à la Protection de l’Environement” (with the University of Liege – Belgium, project included in the agreement between Romanian Ministry of Research and Technology, and C.G.R.I. of Waloon District – Belgium);

“Uranium and Salt Mine Closure Manuals” – Consortium MONTEC – WISUTEC – ICPMRR, project financed by the World Bank;

”Technical and Environmental Audit” – Consortium MONTEC – WISUTEC – ICPMRR, project financed by the World Bank;