2006-2009 CLG NATO GRANT “Iron nanoparticles for the remediation of uranium contaminated waters and soils”, coordinated by Dr. Thomas B. Scott, Director of Interface Analysis Centre of University of Bristol


  • Get in touch Scientists from Romania and United Kingdom;
  • Educate the students from the UoB on the toxic legacy of U mining in Romania.
  • Work in a High-Tech environment.
  • Undertake multidisciplinary research
  • Identify the most appropriate answer to the Romanian radioactive pollution problem.
  • Create a long term professional relationship between INCDMRR and IAC of University of Bristol.
  • Increase visibility of Romanian scientific research within the EU

Royal Society grant „In-situ treatment of uranium-contaminated waters using iron nanoparticles”, in partnership with Interface Analysis Centre of University of Bristol, 2011-2014