Program – Excellence Research
Duration – 24 months
Project type – Projects to promote participation in European and international research programs
Field of research – Advanced materials and technologies
– Partners:Coordinator – University of Bacau
Project MANAGER – Conf.univ.PhD.chim. Neculai Doru Miron
– Partener 1 – National Institute for Metals and Radioactive Resources – ICPMRR Bucharest
Scientific Project Manager – PhD.Eng.Eugenia Panturu
– Partener 2 – Polytechnic University of Bucharest
Scientific Project Manager – Prof.univ.PhD.Eng.Gheorghita Jinescu


The aim of the project is the development of the scientific partnership in the development of an integrated system (technological process-environmental protection) for obtaining structures of nanomaterials and for the elaboration of an efficient and intensive process of rehabilitation of waters from emissaries contaminated with radioactive elements as a result of Uncontrolled spills, malfunctions or bad management policy.
The development of the scientific partnership refers to the increase of the visibility of the scientific results achieved through collaboration within the national programs between the Bacau University, the National Research Institute for Metals and Radioactive Resources (INCDMRR) and the Politehnica University of Bucharest by co-opting the partners of the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille- France, Université du Littoral Côte d’Opal Dunkerque – France and Universität Osnabrück – Germany under the SOCRATES bilateral agreements of the University of Bacau.

Project Steps

1- Theoretical foundation on the synthesis of nanostructured materials in order to certify the potential of Romanian research and initiate partnerships for participation in international research projects

2 – Promoting visibility and excellence in research to participate in the FP7 research program – TRANNING

3 – Transfer mechanisms in solid-liquid heterogeneous systems by mathematical models and methods for evaluation of ion exchange parameters for the decontamination of radioactive polluted waters using nanostructured supports.